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    Poinsettia Flower Design от NSI

    Poinsettia Flower Design от NSI

    Poinsettia Flower Design


    Prepare the Natural Nail and wipe over with Nail Pure Plus.

    Apply a Platinum nail form, remove the centre tab and re-attach it to underside of the form where the length will be, this will re-inforce the form and make it slightly stronger. Close the form joining the tabs together making sure that the form keeps straight to the sidewalls and doesn’t scoop upwards.

    Use a reverse application technique, pick up a bead of Purely Pink Masque pre-mixed with Opal Shimmer and apply it to zone 3. Apply a bead of the pre-mixed Opal Shimmer and Totally Clear acrylic to zone 2. Wipe your brush.






    Apply a bead of the pre-mixed gold glitter to zone one and pat it out to create the square free edge of the nail. While the acrylic is setting you can carefully pinch the nail with the Perry Tweezers to enhance the ‘C’ curve. Wipe your brush.

    Once the nail is set you can start to create your flower. Begin by picking up a small bead of Raspberry Red acrylic powder and place it onto the nail create the petals of the poinsettia pick up another small bead and place it one beads width away from the first bead. Return to the first bead and with the tip of the brush towards the centre of the nail press the bead out so the thinnest part is facing away from the centre of the nail. Shape the bead to resemble a petal shape and use perry tweezer to create detail on petals such a the line down the centre. Add a third bead of acrylic in the gap between the first two beads. Repeat this procedure adding petals in a circular pattern. The petals should overlap and create a 3D effect. Wipe your brush.





    Add further detail to the petals by applying a bead of Basic Black acrylic to the base of the petals and patting out to add depth and shadow. Wipe your brush.

    Allow the petals to set fully, then apply a bead of the pre-mixed gold glitter acrylic to the centre of the flower. Wipe your brush.





    You can then begin to add the leaves. These are created by double dipping your bead. Pick up a small bead of Leaf Green coloured acrylic then dip this into the basic black. This will give your leaf a darker base. Apply this to the nail in the place you want the leaf then press it in and drag out so it thins out. Shape the bead to make it look like a leaf and add detail using the tweezers. Repeat this procedure to create another leaf.







    Add further detail to the flower by picking up another bead of Leaf Green and shape this into a thin stem.

    Once you are happy with your design, cover whole nail with Totally Clear acrylic to encapsulate the design.

    Allow the acrylic to set fully then file and shape the nail using a 150 grit Endurance File.

    To finish the nail apply Glaze n’ Go and cure for 90 seconds to give the nails a high gloss shine. Apply Nurture Oil to the cuticle area to moisturise.

    It is important to remember to keep wiping your brush throughout this step by step to keep it clean and clear of acrylic

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